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Version: 1.1



AppotaPay Payment Platform is the platform for online or offline payment solutions for business. Give your customers flexibility to pay the way they want, including: Appota Wallet Balance, ATM Bank Card, Card Visa / Master Card. We provide many different platforms: Desktop Website, Desktop Application, Mobile Website, Mobile Application ...


Process integration

  • Partners contact to be activated Sandbox system connection information
  • Partners use the connection information in the Sandbox system to perform their implementation of AppotaPay according to the instruction manual.
  • Test and check for common errors in the checkout process.
  • Register account.
  • AppotaPay reviews your informations to check it complies with our policies and email you when your account is fully activated.
  • Create new products to get integration information in production environments
  • Deploy the service in production environment.

Information integration

Integrated environment

  • Sandbox: The Sandbox is a virtual testing environment where you utilize fictitious user accounts to make calls to the AppotaPay operations without affecting any real users or their live AppotaPay accounts.
  • Production: The Production environment is the live environment where the AppotaPay operation calls you make affect the accounts of real users.

Connection information

  • PARTNER CODE: When you register, we will generate a unique code.
  • API KEY: It is used to connect to the API and is provided after creating the product.
  • SECRET KEY: create and authenticate digital signatures.

Domain, IP Address

EnvironmentDomainIncoming IPOutComing IP

Sandbox connection information

Sandbox Account


Sandbox domestic bank card

Card information

Bank CodeMB
Card Number9704229306604047
Card holder nameARTURO MOEN
Expired date01/23

Account information

Account Number01040001
Account NameNGUYEN VAN A
Identification Number343243423313

Sandbox Visa, MasterCard

Bank CodeMaster Card
Card Number5123456789012346
Card holder nameNGUYEN VAN A
Expired date03/27
Bank CodeMaster Card
Card Number5123450000000008
Card holder nameNGUYEN VAN A
Expired date03/27

Test wallet account

Instructions for testing Wallet

Postman Collection