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AppotaPay Payment Platform is the platform for online or offline payment solutions for business. Give your customers flexibility to pay the way they want, including: Appota Wallet Balance, ATM Bank Card, Card Visa / Master Card. We provide many different platforms: Desktop Website, Desktop Application, Mobile Website, Mobile Application ...


Process integration

  • Partners contact to be activated Sandbox system connection information
  • Partners use the connection information in the Sandbox system to perform their implementation of AppotaPay according to the instruction manual.
  • Test and check for common errors in the checkout process.
  • Register account.
  • AppotaPay reviews your informations to check it complies with our policies and email you when your account is fully activated.
  • Create new products to get integration information in production environments
  • Deploy the service in production environment.

Information integration

Integrated environment

  • Sandbox: The Sandbox is a virtual testing environment where you utilize fictitious user accounts to make calls to the AppotaPay operations without affecting any real users or their live AppotaPay accounts.
  • Production: The Production environment is the live environment where the AppotaPay operation calls you make affect the accounts of real users.

Connection information

  • PARTNER CODE: The partner code provided by AppotaPay is given after completing the account registration
  • API KEY: It is used to connect to the API and is provided after creating the product.
  • SECRET KEY: Được dùng để tạo, xác thực chữ ký điện tử signature.
  • PUBLIC KEY: It is used to encrypt data based on the RSA algorithm.
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