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Version: 1.1

Error code table

Error code table#

Error CodeDescription
1Params are missing or invalid
2Signature invalid
11Partner not exist
13Partner has been blocked
14APIKEY invalid
15Application is inactive or blocked
30Order ID is duplicate
32Amount is invalid
33The transaction failed because the customer did not make the transaction
34Transaction is pending
35Transaction is processing
36Transaction not exist
37Transaction undefined
38User cancel
40Transaction has been refunded
51Bank code not exist
52Payment method invalid
61Bank cancel transaction
62Bank is maintaining
63Card is not registered online payment
64Card type is not supported
65Card info invalid
66Card is restricted
67Card open date is wrong
68Card was blocked
69Card was expired
70You have transacted exceeding the allowed limit for the day, please try again later
71Card holder name invalid
72The Payment Gateway did not receive the results returned from the card issuing bank
73Card expiry date invalid
74Card does not have enough limit or the account has insufficient balance to pay.
75Card does not have enough limit
76Card number invalid.
77Transaction is timeout
78Error from the banking, please try again the transaction
79Cannot process your card, please contact your supplier for assistance
80CVC\CVV invalid
81Card not support 3DS
82Your card has been declined, please contact for details
83Transaction declined, please contact for details
84Transaction amount is over the allowable limit, please contact for support
85Total transaction cards exceeded the limit, please contact for support
91System busy, please try again later
89Your card was declined (due to invalid card issuer country)
92Access denied
94System is maintaining
99Undefined Error, please try again later
401Unauthorize (JWT invalid or expired)
500System error