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Bank code & payment methods

Domestic bank code table#

No.Bank CodeBank NameNo.Bank CodeBank Name
1VCBJoint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam2TECHCOMBANKVietnam Technological and Commercial Joint – Stock Bank
3TPBANKTien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank4VIETINBANKVietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Industry And Trade
5VIBVietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank6DABDong A Commercial Joint Stock Bank
7HDBANKHo Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank8MBMilitary Commercial Joint Stock Bank
9VIETABANKViet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank10MARITIMEBANKVietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank
11EXIMBANKVietnam Export Import Commercial Joint - Stock Bank12SHBSaigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank
13VPBANKVietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank14ABBANKAn Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank
15SACOMBANKSaigon Thuong tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank16NAMANam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank
17OCEANBANKOcean Commercial One Member Limited Liability Bank18BIDVJoint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
19SEABANKSoutheast Asia Joint Stock Commercial Bank20BACABac A Commercial Joint Stock Bank
21NAVIBANKNational Citizen Commercial Joint Stock Bank22AGRIBANKVietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
23SAIGONBANKSaigon Bank for Industry and Trade24PVBANKVietnam Public Joint Stock Commercial Bank
25ACBAsia Commercial Joint Stock Bank26LPBLien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank
27BVBANKBao Viet Joint Stock Commercial Bank28OCBOrient Commercial Joint Stock Bank
29KIENLONGBANKKien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank30VRBVietnam – Russia Joint Venture Bank
31PBVNPublic Bank Vietnam Limited32PGBANKPetrolimex Group Commercial Joint Stock Bank
33GPBANKVietnam Export Import Commercial Joint – Stock Bank34SCBSai Gon Joint Stock Commercial Bank
35WOORIBANKWoori Bank Viet Nam Limited36VIETCAPITALBANKViet Capital Commercial Joint Stock Bank
37UOBUnited Overseas Bank (Vietnam) Limited38IVBIndovina Bank Limited
39SHINHANBANKShinhan Bank Vietnam Limited

International bank code table#

No.Bank CodeBank Name
1VISAThẻ Visa
2MASTERCARDThẻ Master Card

E-wallet code table#

No.Bank CodeBank Name
1APPOTAVí Appota
2MOMOVí Momo

Bank transfer code table#

No.Bank CodeBank Name
1WOORIBANKNgân hàng Wooribank

Mobile Money Code Table#

No.Bank CodeBank Name
1VINAPHONENhà mạng Vinaphone

Buy Now Pay Later Code Table#

No.Bank CodeBank Name

Payment methods#

1ATMiBanking/ATM card
2CCVisa/Master Card/JCB cards
3EWALLETPayment by Ewallet
4VAPayment by transfer via specialized collection account (VA)
5MMMobile Money
6BNPLBuy now, pay later

Bank icon#

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